Writer and content strategist

I have worked on marketing campaigns for bestselling authors like Robert Greene, Ryan Holiday, and James Altucher. I'm also a managing editor at Contently.

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10 Things You Are Doing That Are Keeping You From Success

The end of the year is upon us and you know what that means: annoying New Years resolution blog posts. We all know that stuff doesn’t work. This is not one of those pieces. If you’re coming here you probably already have goals and are working towards them to various...

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15 Reasons Why You Should Drop Out Of College

For more and more young people, college is being thought of as more of an option, rather than a necessity, and for good reason. The university system looks more like a shell game than a place to be educated. Hell, the symbol for America’s university system, Harvard, is a hedge...

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5 Marketing Lessons From Miley Cyrus

Who cares whether Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMAs was trashy, silly, or sexy, one thing is for certain: it was a strategic spectacle that had amazing results. There are lessons to be learned from this. By definition, all entrepreneurs are looking for attention to gain awareness, develop their brand,...

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Here’s How 10 Startups Exploded Using Creative Marketing

“Marketing has always been about the same thing—who your customers are and where they are.” - Noah Kagan In today’s startup game, traditional marketing tactics are anathema to the smartest founders. Marketing budgets are often cut to bare bones, with the excess dumped into product development and engineering. The most...

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11 Publicity Stunts Startups Can Learn From

It’s always been hard to break through the noise. Though publicity stunts might feel like some unique symptom of our 24/7 new cycle, they aren’t. Not by a long shot. People have been using publicity stunts to get attention for…...